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Alchemy Gothic Origins

Alchemy Gothic (also known as Alchemy 1977) is a brand name for the jewellery, décor and accessories produced by the Alchemy Carta group. Established in Leicester, England in 1977, Alchemy Gothic has become a notable brand in the Gothic community, renowned for their fine, intricate pewter work and unique designs.

Geoff Kayson and Trevor Phillipson, two self-taught artists from Manchester brought Alchemy Gothic to life, and their imaginative. High quality work soon caught the attention of high profile clientèle. It was this influence that allowed Alchemy Gothic to become established in the promotional products business.

Alchemy Gothic Expansion

Alchemy Gothic Time Machine Chronambulator Dial

Gradually, the company diversified producing a wide-range of products from album covers and bronze statues to collectible giftware.

Over the years, the company steadily grew to include its own research and development team, as well as extensive production departments allowing high quality jewellery and décor to be produced in larger numbers for Alchemy Gothic’s growing client base.

The international reach of Alchemy is still growing, with offices in America and the Eastern nations making the Alchemy Gothic range more accessible to people across the world.

Alchemy Gothic continue to expand their lines, constantly upgrading and creating new designs to catch the eye of the casual wearer and collector alike. As well as their new Alchemy Empire Range (Steampunk), they continue to sell gothic jewellery, tankards, accessories and giftware to the discerning customer via retailers such as GlitterGoth.

Alchemy Gothic and Alchemy 1977

Though Alchemy Gothic was renamed to Alchemy 1977, the quintissential brand name has lingered on in the public consciousness, and describes the collection of esoteric, collectible and divine jewellery inspired by the Gothic age and the rich mythology in global folklore. As such, Alchemy Gothic has become the undeniable fore-runner in Gothic accessories, and the name has become synonymous with style and quality throughout the world.

Alchemy Gothic Pewter

Alchemy Gothic Evening With A Vampire Wineglass

Pewter is a term that defines a number of tin-based alloys, but Alchemy Gothic ensure they use only the finest English pewter. This is a strictly controlled alloy consisting of 92% tine, with the final 8% comprising of antimony and copper. As it is free of lead and nickel, the jewelry is ideal for those who may be sensitive or allergic to most mass-market jewellery.

As people with sensitivity to nickel experience particular difficulties when wearing pierced jewelry, such as the Sylvanus Earring, Alchemy Gothic ensure that all piercing posts are 100% stainless steel. This reduces the allergenic potential of their jewellery as much as possible to provide a comfortable and beautiful experience for their customers.

Alchemy Gothic pride themselves on attention to detail, and both jewelry and décor items are often embellished with stunning Austrian crystal detail. Although the colour of these gems may vary based on availability at the point of production, quality is always an essential part of Alchemy’s mission statement.

Many crystal details, such as those found in the La Fleur De Baudelaire Necklace are Swarovski, a well-known crystal brand than ensures quality and craftsmanship are maintained throughout the creation process.


Genuine Alchemy Gothic Products

All Alchemy Gothic products bear an Alchemy Gothic mark. This is often Alchemy’s trademark styilised “A”, as well as a date of design creation.

On necklaces, this mark is often found on the rear of the pendant. In the case of rings such as the Dark Engagement Ring, and bracelets the mark will be visible on the inside of the band. For small earrings, such as the pentagram studs, space is at a premium, so the mark may not be present.

On watches it is often the rear of the watch face section that holds the authenticating mark. For tankards and glassware, the base of the pewter vessel is often the place to find Alchemy’s mark.

If you are ever in doubt of the authenticity of your Alchemy product, contact us immediately, and we will do our best to establish the pedigree of your item.

For extra reassurance, GlitterGoth sell all Alchemy Gothic items in their original packaging with a small certificate of authenticity.


The Alchemy Gothic Guarantee

Alchemy has every confidence in the longevity and quality of their products. As such they offer an Alchemy Gothic Guarantee. Should any Alchemy Gothic item you purchase prove to be defective, they will offer a repair or replacement service. If a repair is possible, they will mend the item. Alternatively, they will offer a replacement should the item have failed beyond repair. Simply send the item to GlitterGoth (postage costs apply) and we will do our best to expedite your request.

Care For Your Alchemy Gothic Jewellery

Pewter is prone to tarnish as time goes by, and can lose its shine to a dull patina. For full information on how to care for your Alchemy Gothic jewelry and other items, then please visit our caring for your Alchemy Gothic items page.

For information on Alchemy Gothic or any of their ranges, please email the Alchemy Gothic information team, or check out the Official Alchemy Gothic Facebook Page.

Alternatively, browse the stunning collection of jewellery and decor at Glittergoth, and purchase an exquisite Alchemy creation to call your own.


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