Adderbite Ring - R91

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Adderbite Ring - R91
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Adderbite Ring - R91 Adderbite Ring - R91

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Carry yourself down into the abyss with the Adderbite ring. The creature coils, serpentine, across two fingers, to sink its pewter fangs into the third. A solemn death for the daring darkling. 

Intricately detailed with a glory of etched scales, this huge ring encircles one finger, loops under the second and bites over the third, creating a vast swathe of pewter to catch the eye and ensnare the senses.

Made in 2010, the Adderbite ring has now been discontinued, and is growing increasingly rare. Don’t miss your chance to own this striking, slithering ring, and have a piece of Alchemy Gothic history to treasure forever.

Emblem Height 4.5cm (1.7 in)
Emblem Width 8.0cm (3.1 in)
Band Width 1.8cm (0.7 in)
Sizes Available
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L, Q,
Weight 93 g

Product Code: R91

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